Monday, January 6, 2014

Introducing some of our designs

How is being your year so far? Here, the winter break finishes today and we are coming back to work. My daughter is not happy and comes out with the most random excuses to not go to school tomorrow, but we know once she goes and readapts to the routine, she loves school.
Talking about school, I would like to show you what presents we gave to her teacher, for Christmas.
like making presents myself, rather than just buying something or giving a gift card. I just think its thoughtful and some people deserve a little attention and to know we are thankful for what they do. I Know sometimes it's not possible, we are too busy and just no have the time, but whenever it's possible, I try to make something. The person who receive is always so happy, it's totally worth all the hard work.
Starting from the left, a notebook I made with her name on the cover and inside pages. I'll still working on making it better and intend to start selling them soon. After it, a notepad I sell on Etsy. It's an editable and printable PDF you can buy and make yourself as many as you want. I chose the Apples Notepad pattern, but there are more you can choose from and, don't worry, it comes with instructions. The next is a pencil case I made using a fabric with the same pattern. You can find it at my Spoonfower Store. I used a swatch which costs only U$5 and it's really easy to make. If there is interest, I can make a tutorial... I just need to figure out how because this blog platform only allows one picture per post (so lame!). I added a few things: chocolate, cute pens, a beautiful candle and markers. She loved it!
Have you all a great week and please, leave feedback! I really would like to hear what you want me to show you here in the blog and I also want to know what you've been doing with my designs.

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