Sunday, January 12, 2014

Our Lollipop Valentine's Cards are back!

I love Christmas and have a confession to make: I only took the Christmas decorations down yesterday. I was trying to make it last the longer I could but it was time... and I realized I'm not as sad as I thought because I've been already working on Valentine's Day designs and I'm so excited to show you!
Last year they were an huge sucess! It made me really happy you all liked it! They are back with a new design and, I have to say, a lot more cuter! And you thought it was not possible... :-)) Also, now you can edit them yourself and use the same cards for different kids.
Add a small lollipop, the ones with an heart shape are perfect! Or, if you want to give a special touch,  you can make heart shaped origami covers, like I did (that's tottaly opcional)... I'll teach you how to make the covers next week.
Flat lollipops work better than the round ones.
Go check them at the Witee Etsy Store and have a great week.

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