Wednesday, February 12, 2014

DIY Valentine's Mailbox made out of a cereal box

My daughter had to make a Valentine's Mailbox for school and it ended up so adorable, we decided to share all the process with you.
First, she designed the front of her mailbox on the computer... I'm kidding! We collaborated... :-) But, seriously, I think she might be a designer too when she grows up! How adorable is she using the computer?Ok. I'll stop... :-) Don't worry, you don't need to do this part, we are giving the design for you.
Let's start?

You are going to need:

 1 - Cereal Box measuring +/- 7.5" x 10.5" (or other box you have in hand)2 - Ruler
3 - Glue4 - exacto knife5 - Cute stickers6 - Scraps of pretty paper
7 - Paper fastener

First, cut the top lids of the box.
Print this PDF in letter size card stock paper and cut it. If you prefer, you can write the kid's name on the front, before printing. We decided to cut the letters and glue them. We made a pink and a blu version, for girls and boys. Don't forget to cut the opening.
Place it on the front of the cereal box and draw the opening in the box, than cut it too.

Cover the back and the sides of the box with wrapping paper, duct tape, fabric... whatever you want. Glue the design you cut in the front (I would start gluing the opening tab and then, the rest, to make sure everything will end up aligned). Note that the front design has 2 pieces, because it's bigger than the letter size paper.
Decorate it using stickers, glitter, ribbons, etc.
Now, let's place the flag. Make a hole in the flag and another one in the box. I used the point of a pen to make it... Grab the paper fastener and put it in place.

Done! Wasn't it fun?

Download the pdf here.

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