Monday, February 17, 2014

Lazy week

Valentine's Day is s huge event for me. I always have a lot of work and I'm thankful for it (I just wish I didn't get sick this year...). Unfortunately, because of it, I did not had the time to make a tutorial I was planing for a Valentine's Wreath, so I guess I'll save it for next year...
I'm lazy this week (I really need some rest) but I do have something to show you. I've been working on my notebooks, making some tests, trying to find the best paper and learning how to use a new printer (yay!) and I made this one for my daughter, for Valentine's Day, and she loves it. I love it to. I think it's adorable, even though it's not the way I want it yet.
What do you think?
I hope you and your loved ones had and amazing Valentine's Day and I wish you all a great week. I'll see you next monday with something cool (I promise!).


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