Monday, February 24, 2014

Simple Spring Wreath Tutorial

Hello! I'm recovered. I really needed that rest... sometimes we just do, right? :-)
I didn't do any design last week, but worked in setting up a work space for me. Working in the middle of the kitchen was just not working for us anymore. Can you imagine the caos? I didn't finish it yet, but I want to show it soon.
As I did not had the time to make you a tutorial for a Valentine's Wreath, like I told you last week, I decided to show you how I made my new wreath for the spring. I think it looks great and it's so easy to make. Let's start?


1 - Wreath (I have this one I made with fabric, but you can use a styrofoam one)
2 - Felt (the colors you want)
3 - Ribbons, yarns, etc...
4 - Glass head pins
5 - Scissors
5 - Creativity
I used to use the styrofoam wreaths but they are kind of expensive and we can reuse them just a few times, so I decided to make me one with fabric and some stuffing I already had at home and it's working really good for me. I used it for last Halloween, Christmas, Winter, Valentine's Day and now for spring and it is still good as new. I used and orange fabric left over from a batgirl costume I made for my daughter, but if you are going to make one, I suggest white because it doesn't show. If you are interested, I can make a pattern, just let me know.
I like to use felt because they come in a lot of colors, look great, are easy to work with and are really inexpensive.
Now, let me show you what I did.
I wanted it to be white, so I cut a few stripes of white felt and covered it. I used the glass head needles to hold them in place. You just need them at the start and end of the stripes.
Them, I wanted to give it sort of a rustic look. I used something called "Natural Polished Hemp" that I had. Normally I use it for packaging. I think you can also use yarn, ribbons, fabric scraps... That's what I ended up with:
Looking good... :-)
Now, I wanted to add some roses and leaves. To make the roses, I cut circles out of the felt and them cut the circles, making a spiral shape, like this:
If you cut circles in different sizes, you'll have roses in different sizes.
I shaped the flowers rolling the spiral with my fingers and pinned them on the wreath. I used some pins in the center of the roses. See? They look like the flower's filaments! Cute!
I cut some leaves out of green felt. It looks good if you use different shades of green.
My wreath ended up like this and I love it. I wanted to make more roses, but I run out of red glass head pins...

I have a wreath hanger so I did not need to make anything to hang the wreath from... but you do, you can use ribbon or felt to make one.
Use what you have in hand and your creativity. I'm sure your wreath will look amazing.

I hope you like this tutorial. If you make a wreath using it, please send me pictures or share it on my Facebook Page or on Instagram using the hashtag #witeedesigns or tagging @witee.

Leave comments! :-)

Have a great week!

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