Monday, March 17, 2014

Stuffed Animals Chair

Hello! I hope everyone had an amazing Spring Break (do all the states have it at the same time? :-? )!
This was my first Spring Break because my daughter started kindergarten this school year, and I probably should have thought I would not have time to anything else but to play, go to the movies, go to playdates, etc... I should have prepared myself better so I wouldn't had let you without a post last week. Sorry!
I have spent a lot of time trying to organize my studio, which I'm going to share with my daughter's playroom. The problem is that I find it really difficult to work in a place that looks like this:

Would you be able to just ignore it? I can't. I have to tidy it first ant it happens my time ends and I don't do anything I had planned. So frustrating...
So I have done a few things to try to solve this problem and the first I did was to sew a bean bag chair, but I filled it with more than a thousand stuffed animals we have.  I'm kidding, I didn't count but it's a lot! :-)

I used this amazing tutorial from the Thread Riding Hood blog, which I love. I have done many of Sherri's tutorials and they always work great and  have really easy to follow instructions.
Oh, my! I have to say, I still have lots to do in here but this totally made things a lot better  and we were in need of a place for her and her friends to sit, watch a movie or ready a book, so, this solved two of the problems I had. Also, it's so beautiful and it was a great addition  for the playroom area.
If you have the same problem, I totally recommend this tutorial!
I'll see you next week!


  1. Oh Chris - I love your fabric! It's perfect! And I'm so glad you like the bean bag - it's worked out so well for us too, and like you said, it's super comfy to sit on!

  2. Thanks, Sherri! I looked everywhere for the perfect fabric. When I found this I was told it was being discontinued, so I bought the last yards... I believe you can still find it online... It's called Tutu Cute Ballerina. It's adorable!
    Thank You again for this tutorial and pattern!