Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Witee Fabric Basket Tutorial

As promised, today I'm going to teach you how to make a basket using our Witee Pink Bunny Basket Cut & Sew.


- Witee Pink Bunny Basket Cut & Sew ( 1 fat quarter - Linen-Cotton Canvas or Heavy Cotton Twill recommended)
- 1 fat quarter fabric for lining
- 1 fat quarter interfacing

Preparing your fabric

Cut the basket and the handle out of the Cut & Sew fabric. 1/4 inch sew allowances are already included.
Cut another basket out of the fabric you are going to use for lining and out of the interfacing. Cut one basket handle out of the interfacing.

Press the fabrics and apply the interfacing according to the instructions, on the outside fabric. I used High Loft Fusible Flece, which I think worked really good but, if you want a sturdier basket, you might want to use something else. I'm not really an expert in the interfacing subject... :-)

Let's start sewing

Get your outside fabric and fold in half. Sew the side and the bottom.

Now, let's sew the bottom sides.
Let's work on one of the sides now. Grab the 2 corners and pull them apart, folding the side like in the picture in the middle. Do the same on the other side and sew (where you can see the dotted lines).

Now do the same with the basket lining. That's what you should end up with:

Now, let's assembly the handle. Fold it in half lengthwise, press, open it and fold each side to the middle like in the first picture. Fold in half again and sew both sides, like in the second picture:

We are almost finished! :-)
Now, we are going to place the handle. For that, first we need to find the center. Fold the outside basket in half and mark where the center is on both sides.

Open the basket and align the marks you did with the center of the handle and pin.

Turn the lining right side out and place it inside the basket. Align the side seams and pin all the way around.

Sew all the way around (don't forget to leave an opening to turn the basket right side out). Reinforce the handles really well. Your little girl might want to carry heavy things in the basket... :-)

Turn the basket right side out and iron it. Sew all the way around, closing the opening.

Done!!! :-)
Easy peasy, right?

I don't have the Bunny to show you how to make, but it's really simple. Just cut it, cut the same shape on any fabric you want to use for the back, sew all the way around leaving an opening to turn it right side out, fill with the Fiberloft or any stuffing you want and hand sew the opening closed.
You can sew it on the basket and add a pretty bow.

I think this basket would be a great addition to a nursery or a little girl's bedroom and, of course, great for egg hunting on Easter.

I hope you liked it!

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