Thursday, May 8, 2014

Free printable card / poster for Teachers Appreciation Week

Today we are giving my daughter's teacher a pink photo album. We added a picture of her and my daughter on the first day of school. It's pink because my daughter told it's her favorite color. After a week of everything pink, I hope it really is... :-)

I wrote a message on the photo, added some pretty details... you know, the kind of stuff I normally do. :-))) I'll not show you the picture because I don't have authorization to use the teacher's image on my blog... but I thought if you don't have a picture it would be great to add a card or something. So I made you this:

If you want it, just like my facebook page and leave a comment on this post and I'll sent it to your email.
I'll sent it in 4 x 6 inches size + 8 x 11 inches size, in case you want to make a Wall Art or poster. You will be able to customize the teacher's name, the kid's name and the date.
I know there are male teachers, but as my daughter has a female one, I only did girls stuff... sorry, I did not intentionally want to exclude the great male teachers we have at our schools. ;-)


  1. Lovely things. Can you please send me the card. Thanks

    1. Hi, Dani! I did not get your email address, so I sent you the card on Facebook. It's probably under the folder OTHER.
      Thank you for the lovely comment and let me know if you need any assistance with your file.

  2. Thanks for sharing this. It's really nice. Can you please send the card/poster to my email Many thanks.