Friday, May 9, 2014

Free Printable Treat Box Lid for Teachers Appreciation Week

In Brazil, we have a delicious chocolate treat called "brigadeiros". They are traditionally served on birthdays parties, weddings and even formal dinners. When we give them as a present, we put them inside a "marmitinha", which is something like a foil pan, but smaller. I did not find them here in USA, but I found these aluminum Drip Pans. They have a good size for what I needed, but they don't have a lid.
As I was decided to give my daughter's teacher brigadeiros today, I decided to give it a try and it worked great!

I lined the drip pan with a pretty paper to hide the Weber logo, added the brigadeiros (yummy!) and made a pretty lid. There was only one problem... how to secure the lid in place? A friend suggested to secure it with ribbons. I tried, but they are too wide and there is no space for a hole wide enough. I tried at the cornes, as you can see. I also tried to wrap the ribbon all around the foil pan, but it did not look secure and It seems like we would have brigadeiros everywhere on the floor. I though it would be cute if we secure it with a beautiful washi tape, but it did not work as I expected, they did not stay in place, so I though and though and though... :-))) yeah, there was a lot of thinking... and decided to sew it! It worked great and ended up really beautiful! You can see the pink thread in the first picture. As it was only one, sewing it was not a problem, but if you need to make a lot, them you would expend a lot of time sewing... Any better ideas?
If you want the PDF to print your own lid, just like my facebook page and leave a comment bellow. You can edit the Teacher's name and the kids name. You can use it to any other treats, it doesn't need to be brigadeiros.

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