The designer

Hi! My name is Christiane Pessoa.
I am originally from Brazil, but I have lived in Argentina, Finland and now I live in United States of America.
I graduated in Data Processing Technology and worked in the area for over six years until my family had the opportunit of living abroad. Knowing all these places and people has been amazing and inspiring. In the adapting process on each new place I ended up getting in touch with my artistic side again, remembering when I was yong and used to do crafts and sewing projects with my mom. Now I make them with my daugther who is my inspiration and an amazing helper.
When I moved to USA and we decided my daugther was going to preschool to learn English, I got a little bit lost with all that free time and started sewing bags and giving them as presents. Many people started telling me I should sell them, so I did. Later, I decided to study graphic design. Now, I try to combine both!


Everybody asks: where did "Witee" come from?
It's a fun history. I decided to open a store on Etsy and all the names I though about were already taken, so I started to look for words that described the products I wanted to sell and ended up with "fun" and "clever". I started looking at the dictionary and found "witty" which means "funny" and "clever". Close enough! But when I checked, it was also taken! So I decided to go with the pronunciation described in the dictionary "wi-tee". Even funnier!